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Collingtons specialise in the installation and servicing of double glazed uPVC windows, Sliding Sash, flush casement and aluminium windows. Our double glazed windows come in a variety of styles and colours which means there's always a style to suit your home, no matter your location in Cornwall.

uPVC Casement

Sliding Sash uPVC

Flush uPVC Casement

Aluminium Casement

Collingtons double glazed windows are designed to help keep your home quiet, safe and warm all year round. Having 50 years of experience installing windows means we are also best positioned to help you find the best style for your home. Installing new windows is a big decision for any homeowner, so getting honest advice from a local, knowledgeable team is something we offer as part of the service. The team at Collington's have many years of experience in both the installation and servicing of windows, so if there is a more cost-effective option suited to you, rest assured we will always let you know. Based in Helston, Cornwall, our professional team will work with you to determine what style of double glazing will complement the style of your property and what service options are available to those in need. Whatever the character of your home, we promise to offer a wide range of the highest quality uPVC, Sliding Sash, Aluminium windows, and hardwood designs that will perfectly suit your property. Enjoy reduced noise, greater security, and warmth without compromising on style with Collingtons.

Here's how our range of windows could benefit you:


• Our windows are energy saving

Talk to us about how our range of windows could help you save energy and reduce your heating bills throughout the year. Our range of windows all helps to keep your house cosy warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. Talk to us about top-performing rated windows and how they are a great choice for reducing heat loss.

• 10 year guarantee

Not only are our windows guaranteed for 10 years, but they're also always installed by our dedicated team. This allows us to have complete ownership of your home project right through from the initial installation to the aftercare and service that we pride ourselves on.  We still see customers throughout Cornwall, 15 years on from their initial installations, helping them feel confident and in safe hands, 

• Low maintenance

Windows in Cornwall can be under constant attack from extreme weather and temperatures. With wooden windows, as aesthetically beautiful as they are, lack of regular care and maintenance can cause irreversible damage including rot and erosion. To combat these issues, we have a range of low-maintenance windows that will look beautiful in any home. 

If you are looking for window suppliers and installers in and around Helston, Cornwall, then we have a team that can help. Check out the window range below for more design inspiration.

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