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Stable Door

A lovely Stable Door installed in Chartwell Green inside and out with Astragal bars in the top glass and grooved panel in the bottom. This A-rated door also has high-security hock locking. 
As standard, we also fit hinge protectors to all our doors which are designed to give enhanced protection on the hinge side of the door.


If you are looking for a replacement door and a stable door is preferred, then a discussion around the 'best' stable door might be really useful. The door that is better suited to you will ultimately depend on your personal taste and the way your home currently looks. If you are looking to let more light into a room, then a stable door could just be the answer. There is a range of stable doors on the market set to complement a whole host of contemporary and traditional homes and with so much choice, it's easy to see why they're so popular.  

If you were still undecided however, here are a few reasons why the stable door is loved by so many:

• Ventilation 

A stable door can be used like a window allowing fresh air into the house when you're in need of a little ventilation.

• Safety

Knowing that your children are safe is always a top priority, so having a door that you can partially open is benefical to many. Keep the bottom firmly locked whilst allowing in the joys of spring.

• Security

As well as being one of the most important aesthetic features of your property, your front and back door is also there for security purposes. As well as possessing the strength and resilience to deter Cornwall's wind and rain, it should also feature the latest security mechanisms. 

Contact us to find out how all of our doors are secure by design and to see some detailed examples of other stable doors that we have installed. 01326 572599.

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