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 Replacement uPVC Windows and Doors

Replacement uPVC windows and doors for a property in Cornwall. 


The owners of this beautiful property came to Collingtons looking for an alternative to their current look. The current look consisted of wooden windows and doors throughout the house and along with wanting to avoid future problems with wooden frames, from erosion and weather wearing, the owner wanted a more contemporary look whilst still in keeping with the look of the property. After having a look at various options that would complement the look of their home, the owners decided that coloured uPVC replacements would be best and would give them the look and feel they wanted. As part of the design consultation, we discussed, colours for both inside and out and looked at samples to see what might go best. After looking at various options, it was decided that the replacement windows and doors were to be coloured in Agate Grey Woodgrain for the outside and White woodgrain for the inside. The contrasting colours perfectly complemented the feel of the property and this modern look bought a certain level of luxury to the property. If you look carefully at the images, you will notice the windows feature astragal bars and toughened glass

The replacement windows and doors are coloured Agate Grey Woodgrain outside and White Woodgrain inside.

The windows feature plant on astragal bars and toughened glass. The astragal bar is generally installed on a window to give a more traditional appearance as opposed to individual windowpanes. By dividing the glass pane area, astragal bars can also provide more privacy and add security.


As well as the windows and doors, we also installed beautiful french doors which featured clear and toughened glass with glass side panels.  This allowed extra light into the room giving a fresh and modern look without lower panel obstruction. The overall look of the finished project was truly beautiful and we are so proud of the end result. We hope to see the customer over the coming years as we continue to service their windows and doors.

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