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Stay up to date with the latest news and projects direct from the team at Collingtons. Fill yourself with inspiration and gather insights into how you could transform your home with replacements windows and doors. We're always out and about across the West of Cornwall so if there is a project that you would like some help with and you want further pricing and information, give us a call and we can drop by for an informal chat about how we might be able to help. 

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What to expect when updating your home

What to expect when updating your home does not have one straightforward answer. It depends entirely on the work being done. However, whether you’re having a single window or door replaced, a new conservatory, or even all of the above, our approach at Collingtons is always the same.

Our focus is always on achieving what you, the client, is looking to achieve. In fact, our ultimate goal is to ensure that the finished result both meets, and exceeds, your expectations.

So how do we do it?

The first step in working when you come to see us here at Collingtons, is to establish your reason for coming in or calling. What are the motivating factors behind your enquiry? Once we know the problems you are facing, or have an idea of the ‘idyll’ you are trying to achieve for your home, we can begin determining the finer details.

Collington's expert team installing and servicing windows.

If you’re unsure about what you need

This happens more than you might think, and that’s okay! If you are unsure about what it is that you need, we would set about asking some lifestyle questions. This is a fact-finding exercise, designed to help us establish your specific needs.

For example, if you are looking to change your windows and doors, we might ask what you currently like about your windows, and what you would change if you could. We might also ask questions like ‘How do you use your space?’ or ‘Does the area need more light?’. It could be that you have privacy concerns, or are worried about the age of your current glazing. Again, we would ask the right questions to help ascertain all of this information, well before we begin ‘measuring up’ and specifying your products.

If you know what you need

If you know exactly what it is that you want and are looking for, great! We will always work hard to match what you want to the final, specified products. It’s important to clarify this early. It’s rare, but should you be looking for something that we are unable to have manufactured for you, you should be fully aware of this before any work begins.

Having said that, if for any reason we are unable to fulfil your requirements, we will always explain why and work with you to come up with a workable solution.

Mark, our engineer working on a door installation

Completing a site visit

Only once your needs have been fully established will we pay a visit to your home. We do this to take our measurements and ensure that everything is properly accurate and specified before specifications are sent to the manufacturer.

Our manufacturers

At Collingtons, we are proud to only work with the industry’s leading manufacturers. These have been carefully selected based on quality, product offering and back-up service.

The first is Glazerite. As a leading supplier of VEKA, Halo and Residence uPVC windows, doors and conservatories, Glazerite offers one of the most comprehensive product ranges on today’s market. By working with Glazerite, we are able to perfectly match the specifications required by you and your home. This means no compromise on achieving the finished result you have in mind.

We also work with Sierra, another UK-based company specialising in made-to-order windows, doors and conservatories. Sierra continues to stay ahead with new and ingenious technologies, which we at Collingtons are delighted to be able to offer our clients.

Composite doors

We actually have a superb manufacturer of composite doors – one of the industry leaders in the UK. Apeer supply the highest quality 70mm double rebated composite doors available on the market. These doors are thermally superior and acoustically more efficient. They also offer greater security thanks to metal reinforcing within the core of the door. We work with Apeer, simply because of the advantages their products offer our clients.

Stunning composite door from Apeer

What is a typical lead time for new windows and doors?

This depends entirely on the product selected, as well as the colour. Typically, we would anticipate a lead time of between 8 and 12 weeks, however this is subject to change.

Once we have received the products and they have been quality checked, we will then contact you to confirm an installation date. This date can also be subject to change, usually due to the weather.

If you are thinking about updating your home, be it with new windows, doors or a conservatory, then why not get in touch? Either pop in and visit us in our Helston showroom, or give us a call. Whichever is easiest for you, we are always on hand and happy to help and advise.


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