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Stay up to date with the latest news and projects direct from the team at Collingtons. Fill yourself with inspiration and gather insights into how you could transform your home with replacements windows and doors. We're always out and about across the West of Cornwall so if there is a project that you would like some help with and you want further pricing and information, give us a call and we can drop by for an informal chat about how we might be able to help. 

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New windows for your Cornish home

A contemporary choice for new windows

There are now more reasons than ever to consider installing new windows in your home. There’s the climate, for a start. Our winters are getting colder and wetter by the year, making healthy seals and thermal efficiency non-negotiable. And the warmer months? Meteorologists are already predicting another record-breaking summer, making decent air flow a must.

There is also the current cost-of-living crisis to consider. Defunct seals and older, less efficient fittings can be significant sources of heat loss in the home. These almost always lead to increased energy bills as you try to maintain a comfortable temperature.

If any of the above is causing you concern, then it might be time to think about new windows. And if you’re considering a replacement, then casement windows could well be what you need.

Stunning Glazerite Casement Windows

What is a casement window?

A casement window attaches to a frame by one or more hinges and a mechanism that cranks the whole window outwards. They are often side-hung, with hinges at the side for easy opening. They can also be hinged at the top, at the bottom, or even fixed. An advantage of top-hinging is that it helps you to block out rain whilst still allowing fresh air in. And when it’s hot, because they open outwards and away from the frame, they allow optimum air flow. Whatever the weather, they are among the easiest windows to open.

Our chosen casement window ranges will suit almost any style of property. They're also made to measure, with a variety of possible finishes.

Our recommended casement windows

Here at Collingtons, we offer two uPVC casement profiles as standard. These Glazerite’s Halo, and Sierra’s Optima.

We'll start with Glazerite’s Halo range. The first thing to say is that these new windows are available in no fewer than 18 different colours. This makes finding a match for your home and style easier than ever. You can specify astragal bars, and Run-through horns are also available. So, too, is the choice of either sculptured or bevelled frame profiles. Bevelled profiles offer a more contemporary look with angular, clean lines. Sculptured profiles, meanwhile, bring a softer, rounded and more ornate aesthetic.

Halo windows combine pleasing aesthetics with robust security features and thermal efficiency. They're also very durable. The result is a made-to-measure product that delivers the perfect solution for homeowners.

Also made to suit your home’s exact requirements are those from Sierra’s Optima range. Built from scratch, they are made to suit any number of purposes. It could be creating a focal point in the workplace, or improving the EPC of a period property. Homeowners can choose between a sleek chamfered style frame, and an elegant, sculptured shape. And when it comes to colour, there is a choice of 13 different wood-grain finishes.

Lovely Casement Windows

We can help with your new windows

Both of the above ranges bring exceptional quality and longevity to a home. They also promise to add to your property’s curb appeal. If you’re still unsure though, why not give us a call? Better still, come into the showroom! Here, you can see for yourself what makes our casement windows such a popular choice.

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