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Stay up to date with the latest news and projects direct from the team at Collingtons. Fill yourself with inspiration and gather insights into how you could transform your home with replacements windows and doors. We're always out and about across the West of Cornwall so if there is a project that you would like some help with and you want further pricing and information, give us a call and we can drop by for an informal chat about how we might be able to help. 

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Maintaining your doors and windows this winter

In the summer, particularly this year when it seemed we were breaking temperature records every other day, windows and doors were thrown open to invite in those cooling, coveted breezes. Really, the last thing on our minds was keeping them sealed! However, now that the winter is upon us, with its driving rain and howling, icy winds, it’s more important than ever that those portals to the outside world are maintained and, most importantly, weather tight. Especially since the cost of living is placing a squeeze on all of us, with energy prices soaring, it makes sense to lock in as much of that precious warmth as possible.

A Cornish winter

Living in the environment that we do here in Cornwall, maintenance, as we’ve already covered, should help keep the worst of the weather out. But it will also help to avoid costly repair bills. As the old adage goes, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’, and with doors and windows that’s especially true. In fact, they should really be serviced at least once a year – just like a car – to ensure that the mechanisms and internal parts are working as they should, and that hinges are greased properly to avoid them failing when you need them most.

Dirty Window overlooking the ocean
'Before' window that needs to undergo maintenance

At home maintenance

But there are things that you yourself can do at home to keep your doors and windows in optimal condition. Regularly cleaning the exposed components with warm soapy water is one, including the handles, letterboxes and door knockers. We also recommend checking the operation of all of the opening casement windows in your property, to check they’re working properly too. And if not, give us a call!

When it comes to keeping the heat in your home, replacing older, inefficient double-glazed units will make a big difference, and will come at a far lower cost than replacing or upgrading all of your doors and windows. That said, installing energy efficient modern windows and doors will help to better insulate your home. Here at Collingtons, we only use windows with an energy rating of ‘A’, and our glazing units have a centre-pane ‘u-value’ of 1.0, meaning our windows and doors are among the top-performing products in the glazing industry. On certain windows, we are actually able to achieve an A+ energy rating!

Dedicated Maintenance Service

If you’re unsure about which option is right for you, again, be sure to get in touch. If it’s maintenance that you need, we offer an ongoing maintenance service to our clients who want the assurance of professional help in keeping their windows and doors in tip-top condition. We have two full-time Service Engineers who are on the road five days a week, offering servicing for all your opening casements, as well as a repair service for all manner of issues that tend to arise in our industry. And if you’ve decided that it’s high time your home had an upgrade and you wish to replace your doors and windows for better, more secure and thermally efficient alternatives, we can help there, too. Simply give us a call or pop into the showroom, and we’ll be delighted to help figure out which solution is right for you.

If your windows or doors are in need of some maintenance this winter, make sure to get in touch with us here.

Our dedicated maintenance and service team
Our dedicated maintenance and service team

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