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Stay up to date with the latest news and projects direct from the team at Collingtons. Fill yourself with inspiration and gather insights into how you could transform your home with replacements windows and doors. We're always out and about across the West of Cornwall so if there is a project that you would like some help with and you want further pricing and information, give us a call and we can drop by for an informal chat about how we might be able to help. 

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Advice for window repairs in Cornwall

Collingtons’ repair and service engineers offer their advice for the winter when it comes to window repairs in Cornwall.

What affects our windows over the winter period?

Firstly, the cold weather. When it’s cold, gaskets can contract which in turn can lead to leaks.And because it’s cold, when water gets onto metal parts it takes longer to evaporate, often leading to corrosion on parts including hinges, keeps and other furniture.

For holiday homes, winter is the quietest time, leaving windows unused and often unmaintained. Openers can seize due to lack of use, even if a property is occupied; because it’s cold outside, guests are far less likely to open the windows to let cooler air in. Finally, if a property is close to the coast, salt residue that’s left uncleaned can lead to the seizing of parts.

Repairs and servicing after the winter months

Things to think about once the weather starts to warm include servicing all openers and spraying moving parts with silicone to reduce the risk of them seizing. Cleaning external furniture with warm soapy water to reduce the risk of the furniture corrosion is also key, as is checking gaskets on all openers to ensure they’re still able to effectively keep water out.

To ensure they’re spring ready, check all moving parts to make sure they haven’t seized over the winter, then lubricate them. Also be sure to check the condition of the furniture. If you’ve had salt-water residue sitting on it, then they may have started to corrode.

What services do Collingtons offer to help with all of this?

If you’re looking for a friendly and professional team to take care of all of this for you, you’re in luck. Especially useful for hard-to-reach windows, or for clients who own property in Cornwall but are unable to regularly travel here to maintain their windows, we have a number of ways to help.

In the first place, any product installed by us comes with a 12-month service guarantee. Thereafter, we charge just £79 to service all windows and doors in a property. Whilst we’re there, we can also assess and quote for any repairs, be it mechanisms, hinges, handles, or blown double glazing.

Why is it important that our windows are spring ready?

As the old adage goes, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. In the case of windows, a small amount of effort (or small spend on our professional services) can fix most minor problems before they become a real issue. Winter is the time when our windows are most likely to be affected by the issues covered above, making spring the perfect time to check the condition of windows and doors.

To make the most of the Cornish weather, we always advise that windows and doors are serviced annually so that they’re in good working order to let the outdoors in when the warmer weather finally arrives. We all know how important it is to regularly service things like our boilers and our cars, but too many people neglect to keep on top of their windows. But just as is the case with our boilers and our cars, if we neglect to tend to minor issues early, they can quickly become major – and often expensive – problems to fix.




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