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Roof Lantern Installation

This Roof lantern installation was such a pleasure to work on. This property in Cornwall needed two Ultra Frame Sky Lanterns installed. The benefits to having these was to allow more light in whilst enjoying the ambiance of a cosy room. 

The installation included one large lantern with six panes of glass and one smaller lantern with four. As part of the design, the roof featured aluminum and uPVC roof bars and was coloured in Anthracite Grey outside and White inside.

The glass also featured a self-cleaning film on it for convenience as well as a solar control film. The solar control is a fantastic feature ensuring that the room will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This in turn makes it a very desirable and efficient livable room where the owners are able to enjoy the outside. 

A sky lantern can be a very desirable home improvement and according to research by Ultraframe, can have many benefits. 

Some of these benefits include:

• Better overall health - Adding more natural light to your home can help with various illnesses and the vitamin D from the sun can help boost your immune system.

• Saves energy - Adding more natural light to the room can decrease the need for lights during the day, resulting in less energy used. The benefits of allowing in natural sunlight are also that you have a cosier room both in the winter and the summer.

• Add potential value to your home - Having desirable home improvements carried out such as adding a sky lantern, means it could be more desirable to buyers in the future.

• Year-round resilience - Ultra Sky lanterns are known to be really tough offering exceptional strength and performance, even in the worst weathers. 

• Greener for the planet - Ultra Sky lanterns feature advanced thermal insulation meaning an Ultrasky roof lantern will harness solar energy. This in turn will help to light and heat your home meaning it's greener for the planet and you in turn use less energy. 

If you are interested in looking at how a roof lantern could benefit you and your home, contact the team for more information. We can take a look at your ideas and your property and provide you with an idea of how we could make it work for you.

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