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Door and Window Replacements

Gather inspiration for your next door and window replacements with these beautiful Anthracite Grey uPVC collection.


We worked with the customer on the whole project from the design and colour discussions, right through to the installation. The customer was looking to upgrade their current doors and windows and replace with a uPVC door and uPVC windows. The property in Helston, Cornwall looked beautiful upon finishing and the new Anthracite Grey colour truly complemented its natural character.

The old white windows that once stood were a distant memory and looked so much better after being replaced by modern uPVC windows. If you look at the images closely, you may also notice the round window pane with its truly striking design. This beautiful glass feature was designed with the customer to create a pretty obscure pattern. The glass design features different glass films- the end result being a beautiful obscure design.

The wooden front door was also replaced with a Composite GRP door. The door has two coupled side panels and the coloured finish is Anthracite Grey on the outside and White inside. To complement the beautiful glass window design, we created a small glass window pane within the door. The small window features a decorative glass design that adds that extra luxury touch upon arrival. 

If you're looking to create your own beautiful glass designs in your property and would like the help of the Collingtons team, then please do get in touch. 

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